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Content Management Systems


The main benefits of a Content Management System (CMS) are cost and control. You don’t have to pay a professional or wait for a response every time you want to add, remove or alter content. When you have a CMS you can access and change your page content as often as you wish and it’s hassle-free.

Access to the CMS is through a hidden password protected page so it’s nice and secure. We’ll build and customise your CMS to suit your business needs:


Need a CMS that allows different levels of user access?

Need a CMS that allows you to add new images, photos or videos?

Need a CMS that allows you to keep news, blogs and press releases up-to-date?

Need a CMS that allows you to add new product ranges, prices and special offers?

Need a CMS that allows access to your latest website traffic statistics?


With a custom-built CMS from Direct Media Design you’ll have the power over the aspects of your web application you need. We can even develop a CMS that will handle all your websites using one dedicated CMS system.

You don’t need to be an expert web developer to use a Direct Media Design CMS; a brief demonstration by our expert web developer is all that you’ll need so that you can manage your website with confidence and efficiency.


Find out more about our custom Content Management Systems by contacting us today.

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