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Hosting and Domains


Domain Names


One of the first steps when setting up a website is to decide on a domain name, for example ours A domain is often the name of your business or a word that best describes your products or services; it could also contain a geographical location.

You should give your domain name a lot of thought as this is one of the ways that visitors will find you online. Your website address will also be featured in all your promotional materials and become part of your brand identity. Choosing the right domain name for your website will help it to be a success.

We don’t just specialise in affordable web design and hosting, we’re here to offer our expert advice on choosing that domain name. See our website consultation service for details.

Here are your domain name options:


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Website Hosting


Web hosting is essentially the housing of your website. Your website must physically reside on a computer (a server) that’s connected to the internet, and there are two types of web hosting that Direct Media Design offers: shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Choosing shared hosting means that your website would share space on a web server with other websites. It’s the more economical option, as the cost of server maintenance is shared. Whereas choosing dedicated hosting means your website would be the only one residing on that server, allowing you more flexibility and control over your choice of operating system and server hardware.

Website Hosting Packages


Because the business needs of our clients and the websites that they have vary, Direct Media Design offers options through a range of different web hosting packages. The hosting package most suitable for your website depends on: the size of your website and the space it takes up, how much traffic your website receives, whether your website is driven by a database and how many mail boxes or email accounts your require.

This table will help you to see what each of our web hosting packages has to offer:


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Direct Media Design is the expert when it comes to affordable web design and hosting. Get expert advice on domain names and hosting packages to suit your business needs or register your domain name and choose your hosting package today by contacting us today.

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