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Video Training Guides


Video Tutorials


These are a cost-effective and time-saving way of communicating courses and sessions, from health and safety guidelines to the basics of digital photography. These are an excellent resource for small organisations where training funds are stretched as well as for large organisations where staff can be widespread. You don’t need to pay out for travel expenses, venue hire or hire a tutor in, with video tutorials you can learn everything you need to know, at your own pace, from your own office. We can also provide video tutorials for your clients too.

Video Guides


Have you ever asked Google how to master a particular skill and had a load of videos from Youtube turn up in the search results? Have you then gone on to learn a new skill from a visual presentation? This is becoming increasingly common. Reading a how to guide can be tedious and is unlikely to engage your attention but having something, potentially complex, broken down and explained visually through video is much more enjoyable and more likely to be remembered. Does your client need a video guide? We’re here to fulfil their needs too.

Video Training Guide Production Services


Direct Media Design has a team of experts in video recording for the web. Whether you need a dynamic corporate training video or an informal how to guide for the web, we’ll see you through the entire process from storyboard, image design and script to voiceover, music and promotion. We can use off-shelf software packages such as Microsoft and Adobe or use an industry-specific system if you prefer, just let us know your requirements.


Get in touch with us today for more information on our video training guide production services.

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