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Off-shelf Packages


Do you need a website built quickly and do you think it’s something that we might be able to develop from an off-shelf package? Please see our packages below and check out the pricing and delivery times.


Basic Website Solution (Static Brochure Website)

Otherwise known as a brochure website, this standard static website is one way of getting your sales material online with the added benefit of keeping your sales information up-to-date without endless print costs.

These basic website solutions usually have 4-5 pages, including a home page, services page, contact form and about page. Using our experience and analysis of your business, we’ll help you decide which pages will be most beneficial to you and create an easy-to-use website to compliment your business at an affordable price. This will get you on your way and make sure that people know you’re out there.

Development time: 5 days
Estimated cost: £300


Corporate Solution (Multi-platform administration systems)

We realise that corporate organisations often need multi-level platforms so that they can run administration systems, market products and services and build their brand awareness. With this in mind, we develop bespoke corporate solutions.

Taking into account how quickly corporate organisations can develop and change, our website packages are flexible and simple to update. They can be designed for multiple users and can integrate a variety of specialist features, such as varying user rights so that authorised staff can oversee updates.

Development time: 2 weeks
Estimated cost: £2500


Jobs Website (Online Jobs Board)

Direct Media Design will create a jobsite to suit the needs of your company; we’ll incorporate your branding and create a website package that allows you to upload jobs and career opportunities into an easy to use database. This will make sure that your jobsite is always up-to-date, meaning that visitors can search for suitable jobs and apply online.

Development time: 4 weeks
Estimated cost: £3500


Schools’ Package (Primary, Secondary or College)

We’ve investigated the education sector and are aware of what your competitors have to offer, meaning we can provide you with the best website package available. Our website package can incorporate capability for an events calendar, galleries, parent download sections and restricted access to check or submit homework. Whether you run a primary school or a further education college, Direct Media Design is here to meet all your website needs.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2000


Building Suppliers’ Package (Perfect for any Building related organisation)

Our building suppliers’ website package can incorporate capability for subcategories, product galleries, special offers, store locator, different payment /checkout options, restricted access for account holders, order/delivery status and a quote form. Just let us know your business needs and Direct Media Design will deliver the website that gives you maximum online presence.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2000


Photography Portfolio/Gallery (Showcase your photographic portfolio)

Direct Media Design understands how important it is to showcase your work and that there are many different ways that this can be achieved online. Once we’ve analysed your business and your competitors we’ll create a photography portfolio website package to suit your needs with any combination of: still photo galleries, auto rotating galleries, slide shows, 360° photo galleries, an availability/events calendar and a booking system.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2000


Estate Agency Package (Estate properties online system)

Direct Media Design will provide you with the best website package available. We understand how fast moving this industry can be so our website package will allow you to upload images and information on newly available properties and adjust availability quickly and easily, so that your website’s always up-to-date. We can allow features such as subcategories, a property search facility and an enquiry form to book appointments as part of our website package.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2000


Solicitors’ Package (Designed for law industry)

We can provide you with an excellent solicitors’ website package, regardless of the area of law in which you specialise. Our website package can incorporate capability for a company profile, individual solicitors’ profiles, subcategories of law, industry news, location/solicitor search and an enquiry form.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2000


Music Band Package (Got your very own music band?)

Direct Media Design is aware of the current trends and will always use the latest technology to provide you with the best music band website package available. Our website package can incorporate the capability for an events calendar, photo galleries, music download sections, an online forum, a merchandise store and much more. Just let us know what functionalities you would like from your website and we’ll create you the perfect website package.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2000


eCommerce Standard (Simple shop to get you selling)

Do you have products to sell and would you like to expose your business to an online community? We can help by providing you with our standard eCommerce website package, which can incorporate subcategories, product galleries and different payment /checkout options. The Direct Media Design eCommerce standard package will have everything you need to start selling online.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2500


eCommerce Premium (Advanced online shop)

With this website package you’ll have all the features of the eCommerce standard website package above but much more. We can create a package that shows product colour choices and includes a comment, star rating system or review functionality for your products. Just let us know your precise requirements and we’ll provide you with an eCommerce premium website package that really stands out against your competitors.

Development time: 12 weeks
Estimated cost: £4500


Magento eCommerce Platforms (Shop with Magento CMS integration)

Do you require a Magento powered CMS package for your e-shop? Direct Media Design will provide the solution. We’ll not only create a custom website theme for you but we’ll also customise Magento options to suit your business style and payment requirements.

Development time: 2 weeks
Estimated cost: £900


Custom Wordpress Blog (Start blogging)

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform used today and with this package we can provide you with a custom Wordpress template design. It features a search engine-friendly structure, has multiple author capability and supports for tagging of posts and articles. The Wordpress CMS allows easy blog management and additional customisations.

Development time: 1 week
Estimated cost: £600


Dating Website Package (Social Site Package)

Thinking of starting your own dating website? It’s quite a popular venture and for this reason you’re going to need a website that’s unique. Direct Media Design can design you a website package for your dating site that includes functionalities such as: a database of available people, sophisticated search facilities, restricted access to account holders, chat rooms, an inbox and an events calendar. Just let us know what you’d like your dating website to do and we’ll make it happen.

Development time: 12 weeks
Estimated cost: £5500


Government Solutions (Maximum accessibility and usability)

We understand that some websites need to have maximum accessibility so with our government solutions website packages we pay extra attention to creating websites that can be used effectively by all professionals, including those with disabilities such as the blind. We’ll also make sure that the website is fully mobile enabled. Should you have specific needs for your government solution website package then please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Development time: 10 weeks
Estimated cost: £4000


Forum Systems (Have you own online community?)

Are you creating a local business network, a national gamers forum or similar? Then you must be looking for a website package that incorporates a forum system. We can create a website package that allows both restricted and unrestricted user access as well as different administrative levels.

Development time: 8 weeks
Estimated cost: £2000


Social Networks (Very popular type of websites)

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are massively popular but perhaps you’re thinking of starting your own? We can help you to create the website you want with our social network website package that allows quick and easy interaction, the function of both public and private messages, photo and video sharing capability and much more. Let us know what you’d like you’re social network to do and we’ll make it happen.

Development time: 12 weeks
Estimated cost: £5000


Get in touch with Direct Media Design today to discuss your website package requirements and we’ll find the best solution for you.

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