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Engaging functionality

Web Development


The functionality of a website, specifically having a user-friendly Graphical User interface (GUI) so that all visitors can find their way around accessing the information and pages they need, is crucial for every successful website. It doesn’t matter how attractive your design is if little thought has gone into how the website is used. Here are just some of the website development projects we’ve worked on...

Cross-browser tested

Web Design


Direct Media Design is proud to have worked on these design projects. In some cases we’ve provided the full web design and development service, where requested we’ve just worked on the website design to produce a look and feel that fully represents the client’s business needs. Have a look through and see if there’s anything that inspires your design needs.

Animated Experience

Flash Development


Flash development allows for your website to incorporate moving images and animations with ease. Examples of our Flash website products are attention grabbing introductions and splash pages, feature animations, video streaming, interactive CD Rom presentations and Flash banner ads. We produce Flash websites that incorporate SEO and never compromise on download time.

Attention to detail

Corporate Identity


This is the starting point for any business. You need a logo and consistent branding established before you can move on to promote your business through a website or any other marketing medium. We’re pleased to offer a full corporate identity service and these are just some of our latest projects...

During the Development

Landing Pages


Sometimes a landing page is all that a business requires when it’s just starting out. A landing page is an ideal place to direct customers to for contact details and information updates when you’re building up a business or while you’re having a full website designed and developed. Take a look and see if this is where you’d like to start...